Services - Training Solutions

MBit has been providing training solutions for more than two decades.

The IT industry is one marked by constant innovation and change to keep abreast with growing market demands and new application areas. The use of technology for efficient functioning is no longer an option but necessity for organizations irrespective of their size, geographic spread and domain of service.

The challenge of IT companies is to keep re-skilling their employees to keep pace with the changing technical landscape. New products are launched and existing products are upgraded to expand the scope and ease of the services being provided. Hence training of employees has become a key factor for IT organizations to maintain their foothold in the current market scenario.

MBit has hard core experience in providing training solutions to corporates. Our well researched training programs are designed in a modular way with special focus on imparting application oriented skills. The modular design facilitates customization of the program as per the client’s specific requirement.

MBit’s technical team has also designed and conducted specific tailor made programs for organizations in niche technical skills and application areas.